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BYETTA lawsuits

BYETTA is an injectable prescription medication used to improve blood sugar (glucose) levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. Approved for use by the FDA in 2005, it has become a popular medication used by almost 2 million diabetic patients. Claimants, however, have filed suit against the manufacturer of BYETTA claiming they have been injured due to the drug maker’s failure to properly warn users of the serious risks of taking the medication.

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Symptoms that often result in BYETTA lawsuits

Millions of Americans are encouraged to purchase BYETTA each year to treat type II diabetes. While users may have expected minor side-effects, they were not warned about the potential risks of pancreatitis, including severe upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure changes, elevated heart rates, and pancreatic cancer. Warnings were issued in 2007 by the FDA indicating that up to 30 patients had been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis after ingesting BYETTA. Further alerts were issued by the FDA in 2008 after six more patients reported they had suffered from necrotizing pancreatitis and hemorrhagic pancreatitis. Additionally, two deaths were reported.

Claimants have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer Amylin Pharmaceuticals claiming they did not do their due diligence by adequately warning users of the potential risk of injury, specifically the increased risk of pancreatitis and pancreas cancer. Claimant’s claims were bolstered in 2013 when researchers for the JAMA Internal Medicine journal published an article documenting the increased concern that BYETTA use could increase a user’s risk of hospitalization for pancreatitis, which could ultimately lead to pancreatic cancer.

Details on the manufacturer

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company who specializes in the development and production of medications to combat diabetes and other metabolic diseases. BYETTA (exenatide) injection and SYMLIN (pramlintide acetate) injection are its two most popular diabetes medications, although they have also released BYDUREON which is an extended-release injectable medication for type II diabetes that provides a continuous glycemic control.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is located in San Diego, California. Founded in 1987, it has successfully discovered, marketed, and sold medications for treatment of several common diseases such as obesity and diabetes. In December 2013, Amylin was acquired by AstraZeneca.

Why people are filing BYETTA lawsuits

Companies who decide to manufacture, market, and sell medications have the legal responsibility to educate users about the possible destructive symptoms of their medications.

Users of BYETTA argue Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., may have failed in their responsibility to notify users of all of the side-effects of BYETTA, including loss of appetite, upper abdomen pain, weight loss, jaundice, weariness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Severe side-effects can also include pancreatitis and an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Possible Compensation From BYETTA lawsuits

  • If you have experienced severe pancreatitis or you have developed pancreatic cancer from the use of BYETTA you may be entitled to financial compensation due to the manufacturer’s failure to properly warn consumers about the dangers of their medication. BYETTA lawsuits are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no out-of-pocket costs to hire a lawyer, and lawyers are only paid if they win your case. If you win your BYETTA lawsuit you may be entitled to the following types of compensation:
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Current medical expenses
  • Lost Wages

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